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It is a massive status symbol for a host country. When children are playing and one gets given a bigger, better, shinier toy, the others all want it. Football diplomacy has been kicking off in the Gulf in recent years, and with no shortage of foul play. But then Kuwait — once upon a time the stars of Asian football — were booted out of FIFA amid allegations of government interference in the national football association. The Gulf Cup was delayed by a year and handed to Qatar, at the half-way point of its preparations for World Cup hosting duties.

Of course, by then, the Saudi-Emirati-led blockade of Qatar was in full swing. Qatar had pulled out of the coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain were withdrawn from the tournament, having failed to respond to invitations from the Doha-based organizers. World Cup administrators at FIFA were rightfully concerned about the potential impact on , when millions of football fans were expected to travel from across the region to Qatar. And there is a lot of cash and pride at stake in making sure each World Cup is a huge money-spinner for organizers, sponsors and tourism facilities.

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Finally, the Kuwaiti government passed a law blocking any state interference in the domestic FA, Qatar graciously agreed to hand back hosting rights to Kuwait, the blockading countries announced their participation — and everyone at FIFA breathed a sigh of relief. Except, of course, for the Qataris.

With the full-scale economic blockade still in force, Qataris have essentially been banned from travel to the UAE. Australia, South Korea and Japan were among the favorites to take the title, but nevertheless, the hosts outperformed expectations, winning their group to qualify for the knockout stages, where they saw off Kyrgyzstan, and, amazingly, Australia, to reach the semi-final. The stage was set for the Arab Derby in Abu Dhabi.

Schools in the UAE closed early so the children of the nation could watch what should have been a glorious moment in Emirati sporting history.

Steinbeck in the Schools

What followed on Tuesday afternoon was, however, nothing short of a national humiliation. In the second half, the Emiratis simply broke down and lost all discipline — both on the field and in the stands. Having stacked the stadium with their own fans, who screamed insults during the Qatari national anthem, who threw missiles including shoes and bottles hitting Qatar players on the field; having consigned Qatar to total blockade for 18 months; having thrown baseless accusations at Doha; having threatened military invasion — the UAE still got beaten silly on the football pitch.

The footballing lesson doled out by the Qataris was a lesson in overcoming petulance. A win against Japan in the final on Friday would be almost irrelevant after this heroic match. Qatar must now have successfully banished any cynicism among international Western football snobs who objected to the World Cup being awarded to an Arab nation.

What Qatar have achieved in this tournament is more remarkable than the statistics will show. This match will go down in history for passion, projectiles — and, maybe, a little taste of justice. James Brownsell is the managing editor of The New Arab. Follow him on Twitter: JamesBrownsell. Reprinted, with permission, from The New Arab. I am an American. A poor little reedy piping old gentleman, like a worn-out bird; who had been in what he called the music-binding business, and met with great misfortunes, and who had seldom been able to make his way, or to see it or to pay it, or to do anything at all with it but find it no thoroughfare.

Neckett Bleak House Sheriff's officer who arrests debtors and delivers them to Coavin's sponging house temporary debtor's prison thus Skimpole gives Neckett the nickname "Coavinses". Neckett dies leaving three orphans: Charlotte Charley , Emma , and Tom. When her father dies Charley cares for her two younger siblings: Emma and Tom.

Charley becomes Esther Summerson's maid, nursing Esther through smallpox. She later marries a miller. A very little girl, childish in figure but shrewd and older-looking in the face--pretty-faced too--wearing a womanly sort of bonnet much too large for her and drying her bare arms on a womanly sort of apron. Her fingers were white and wrinkled with washing, and the soap-suds were yet smoking which she wiped off her arms.

But for this, she might have been a child playing at washing and imitating a poor working-woman with a quick observation of the truth. Later becomes Esther Summerson's maid after Charley gets married. Later apprenticed to Charley's husband, a miller. Ned Oliver Twist Chimney sweep whom Bill Sikes laments has been lagged sentenced to transportation and the small boy Ned "kept small on purpose" and was formerly available for thief work, has been reformed and given honest work. Almost supernaturally disagreeable, and having a dreary face and a bony figure and a masculine voice, was, in right of these qualities, what is commonly called a strong-minded woman; and who, if she could, would have established her claim to the title, and have shown herself, mentally speaking, a perfect Samson, by shutting up her brother-in-law in a private madhouse, until he proved his complete sanity by loving her very much.

Beside her sat her spinster daughters, three in number, and of gentlemanly deportment, who had so mortified themselves with tight stays, that their tempers were reduced to something less than their waists, and sharp lacing was expressed in their very noses. He has a secret gambling habit, hoping to make a fortune for his granddaughter.

Charlie bit my finger - again !

He borrows money to gamble from Quilp , when he cannot pay he takes Nell and escapes London to the country. When Nell dies he is heartbroken and dies soon after.

Nemo Bleak House Alias of Capt. Hawdon Nemo is Latin for nobody. Nemo is doing some law copying for Snagsby and is a boarder in Krook's rag and bottle shop when he dies of an opium overdose.

Scenic courses, form horses and a thrashing in the Walker Cup... Rob Lee talks golf.

He is later found to be the former lover of Lady Dedlock and the father of Esther Summerson. When Nemo approaches Mrs Snagsby about copying work she was rather took by something about this person, whether by his being unshaved, or by his hair being in want of attention. Geolinks: Chancery Lane top. Held the same place, dressed exactly in the same manner, and said precisely the same things, ever since the oldest of its present visiters can remember. Originially from Devonshire, where he married. He relocated to London, became financially embarrassed, and was contemplating buying a life insurance policy and then jumping off of the Monument in order to provide for his wife and two sons.

His rich uncle Ralph, whom he had named his eldest son after in hopes of garnering favor, died leaving him pounds sterling. He purchased a small farm, near Dawlish in Devonshire, whither he retired with his wife and two children, to live upon the best interest he could get for the rest of his money, and the little produce he could raise from his land. The two prospered so well together that, when he died, some fifteen years after this period, and some five after his wife, he was enabled to leave, to his eldest son, Ralph, three thousand pounds in cash, and to his youngest son, Nicholas, one thousand and the farm, which was as small a landed estate as one would desire to see.

She is placed by her uncle, Ralph Nickleby , with Madame Mantalini. Kate becomes the object of the undesirable attentions of some of the evil-minded clients of her uncle, who is using her to his advantage.

Friday, December 13, 12222

She is rescued by Nicholas with the help of Newman Noggs. Later she marries Frank Cheeryble. A slight but very beautiful girl of about seventeen. Geolinks: Strand , Thames Street top.

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Absent-minded and self-absorbed, she continues to "put on airs" even in the reduced situation of her family after the financial ruin and death of her husband. The character is heavily drawn from Dickens' mother. The daughter of a neighbouring gentleman with a dower of one thousand pounds. He lived a single man on the patrimonial estate until he grew tired of living alone, and then he took to wife the daughter of a neighbouring gentleman with a dower of one thousand pounds. This good lady bore him two children, a son and a daughter, and when the son was about nineteen, and the daughter fourteen, as near as we can guess--impartial records of young ladies' ages being, before the passing of the new act, nowhere preserved in the registries of this country--Mr Nickleby looked about him for the means of repairing his capital, now sadly reduced by this increase in his family, and the expenses of their education.

Hoping to provide support for his mother and sister after the death of his father, he turns to his uncle Ralph for assistance. Ralph wants nothing to do with his late brother's family and feigns to help Nicholas by securing a position as assistant master at the Dotheboys Hall school, run by unscrupulous Wackford Squeers. Nicholas soon becomes disgusted with Squeer's treatment of his pupils and leaves, giving Squeers a sound thrashing and liberating Smike , whom Squeers has mistreated for years. Nicholas and Smike move in with Newman Noggs in London and then travel to Portsmouth where they take up acting in Crummles stage company.

On hearing of the mistreatment of his sister at the hands of his uncle, Nicholas, with Smike , returns to London. Nicholas secures employment with the philanthropic Cheeryble brothers and later marries Madeline Bray whom he has helped rescue from the evil designs of Ralph and Arthur Gride.

Bright with the light of intelligence and spirit. His figure was somewhat slight, but manly and well formed; and, apart from all the grace of youth and comeliness, there was an emanation from the warm young heart in his look and bearing. Nicholas seems to have a bit more pluck than many of Dickens young heroes and in the preface to the Cheap Edition of Nicholas Nickleby Dickens writes If Nicholas be not always found to be blameless or agreeable, he is not always intended to appear so.

He is a young man of an impetuous temper and of little or no experience; and I saw no reason why such a hero should be lifted out of nature. Geolinks: Park Lane top.

Springfield-Greene County Library -- Bittersweet

The amiable old gentleman, it seemed, had intended to leave the whole to the Royal Humane Society, and had indeed executed a will to that effect; but the Institution, having been unfortunate enough, a few months before, to save the life of a poor relation to whom he paid a weekly allowance of three shillings and sixpence, he had, in a fit of very natural exasperation, revoked the bequest in a codicil, and left it all to Mr Godfrey Nickleby; with a special mention of his indignation, not only against the society for saving the poor relation's life, but against the poor relation also, for allowing himself to be saved.

A rich and miserly moneylender who feigns to help his late brother's family but, in reality, tries to humiliate Nicholas and use Kate to his own advantage. His evil plans and schemes prove his ultimate undoing and he eventually hangs himself. He wore a bottle-green spencer over a blue coat; a white waistcoat, grey mixture pantaloons, and Wellington boots drawn over them.