The Dad I Never Knew, A War Orphans Search for Inner Healing

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Sadly, even now there are children being born who will never know their fathers, killed in military training or action before they could see their babies.

Bruce, however, then lost his mother to cancer when he was ten years old and went to live with an aunt and uncle. In John H. Fortunately, he had a pile of letters his father had written to his mother during his service and some his mother had written. Bruce is president of Carolinas Ecumenical Healing Ministries.

That first manuscript contained all the letters and was given out to family members. My cousin Tom suggested going back and editing out unnecessary letters to make the story interesting. Charles R. Did you write this book already knowing that you wanted to do a second book about healing?

US War Orphan Seeks Answers in Germany About Father's Death in WWII

Pieces of information are scattered everywhere. How much has been written and is out there? I first made contact to the 8th Armored Division website. Dick Kemp had a complimentary copy mailed to me. Leach, , Battery Press, Inc. John H.

Bruce Brodowski

How did you find Dick Kemp who, along with his daughter, wrote to you about your father? Dick Kemp wrote to me and called me after seeing that post. I found out more about my dad and a better understanding of their battles through Dick Kemp. It was an amazing two years of his friendship. He called me a couple of days before he died. It was probably to say goodbye. Did you include every letter you had from your dad? Did you include all of each letter or try to keep only parts you thought interesting to the story? How did you decide what to include? Only letters that developed into an amazing love story were used and all of each letter was included.

Bruce needed to go there. Matthews, NC, July 7, Newswire. They also knew the details of the battle.

The Dad I Never Knew: A War Orphan's Search for Inner Healing

Author Bruce Brodowski embarked on an once in a life time incredible journey to reconnect and bring closure with his dad Edward Brodowski. New information was revealed through social media, Facebook contacts, and networking. Christiane Rautenberg , a reporter from WAZ newspaper, published the story. It was a spiritual experience of closeness.

They were just doing their job. New contact information revealed the exact location.

The dad he never knew. An experience he will never forget. Somewhere in Germany in , close to the end of the war, a tank is hit, a soldier dies. His pregnant wife awaits his safe return in New York State only to receive the dreaded telegram — killed in action. Mom never remarried and I guess she told me early in life that Dad was buried in Holland.

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I often wonder what we would have done together. Ah, those weekend hunting and fishing trips. Or maybe we would have thrown a baseball around in the summer; or a football; or played basketball or tennis. Clipuri video. Ai uitat contul? Nu acum. Jim Rome.

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Hi Ed, I just went over your web site I was moved by one man's st I would like to put it on the air I would like to talk to you. Jim Rome www.

Go in Peace Veterans Care Documentary. I am a filmmaker and daughter of a veteran with undiagnosed PTSD. I also have a hospice background and am looking to raise money for production. My website is www. Vezi mai mult. A story of a couple's love that reaches across an ocean's divide. It was agony for her to be away from him. Memoirs of struggles during World War II.