Staying Successful as a Middle Manager

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Nothing burns bridges like a senior executive leaving with 2 weeks notice. Even with a replacement ready to go, the knowledge transition alone takes a long time. I gave a long notice period when I left my last job, and while it was incredibly hard being a lame duck for that period of time, I still believe that it was the right thing for my team. Senior leadership is a hard job. It requires the stamina to deal with a lot of painful setbacks, interpersonal challenges, and stressful decisions.

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Make a point of regularly checking in with yourself on how you are feeling about work, and let that guide you. If you spend 3, 6, 9 months miserable on a regular basis due to your job, you are risking burnout. Your team deserves a leader who can give them the right positive attention and energy. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Handled poorly, you can burn bridges and ruin otherwise great working relationships. What advice do you have for leaders on when to quit your job, and how to do it well? What lessons have you learned in your career? Always remember what Andy Grove said. With a few of the right habits, you can help them grow, feel heard, and perform at a high level.

Here’s what Mark Crowley advises on when to quit your job as a leader (and how to leave well):

Built with the best practices, helpful nudges, and the easy structure you need as a busy leader, it can make all the difference for you and your team. Learn more and sign up now for your free, 21 day here. Learn something today? Share it so your friends can, too:.

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When do you make a change? While normally this is a good thing more responsibility, compensation, and ownership , it has major drawbacks if you want to quit your job: Will your team feel betrayed if you leave? Will your team leave with you, creating a giant hole in the company? Are you breaking a promise you made to the leader that hired you?

Will your departure hurt the company with customers or investors? Want actionable, expert leadership advice?

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Without feedback from the people who you manage, how do you know if your methods are working? However, to really become a strong leader, we need to hear what they love and hate about our managerial skills because only then can we apply and improve. This is another area where we can borrow from the way we communicate at home with our children and families. How could our family and friends truly perform at their best without our own support?

This also applies to our careers.

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Being a colleague that someone can rely on not only makes you a stronger teammate, but also a better person. As we work with our partners to navigate family life, we must build trust and awareness. These are the moments when applying our empathetic natures work best because we are only as strong as our weakest link—and that includes those who work alongside us.

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