Медведь (Самое время!) (Russian Edition)

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Minutochku, chto za antisemitizm!?? Ne ya je bila racoons po bashke kuvaldoi!! Poproshy ne obobshat'!!

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And BTW how much do U care for me?? No ili stoyala ryadom, ili znaesh ob etom, i ne nabila bratsy mordy za eto!

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Very picturesque. Bring a camera and hiking boots and warm, skiing clothes! If You like nature -this is the place! Waterfalls, animals, sky and mountains By the way, isn't it spelled TRahoe?

МЕДВЕДЬ АТАКУЕТ! Russian Bear attack me.

Ili eto sudya s kem edesh? No disrespect to a beautifull State of Colorado and Vail et al. Being a smartass is actualy an asset! I have heard of Breckenridge and the moguls there- insurance indeed! Oh, Yeah, almost forgot, Dumb and Dumber didn't do anything for me as a movie, but the neat thing of it is, that it is dedicated by the director to Kevin Konstantine, who used to be a coach in the NHL He and I came sooooo close to getting a Stanley Cup ring on our fingers back in season San Jose was never in the finals.

Really makes me want to go to Moscow, ride the subway and take pictures. Makes me also want to go to Moscow, ride the subway, and pick up girls! Well, you dont see this on busses, because busses have a driver can see the whole interior of a bus. I was very saddened to see these photos. I left the USSR in , never to return.

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I remember fondly the Moscow subway, having spent many content hours riding the bullet trains. Russia used to be a leader in culture, humanities well, maybe not humanity , and civilization. Oh, what a poor decrepid monster this great beast has become. I dont know about London or Cologne, but in San Francisco there are plenty of homeless people. Nice pictures of moscow you have there!! I never thought, that there are sooo many freaks in russia. In Germany it isnt like that.

Its even the opposite.

Матушка-Россия (Matushka-Rossija) (English translation)

I like your comments under the pictures. Very funny. Wow, so many great pictures! We have many crazy people in the Boston subway, but no commandos or Stalin… no balalaikas either. I cant wait to go to Russia I hear the chicks there are easy! From your pictures they seem to be fine as hell and with all the homosexual guys there it will be easy pickings for me when it comes to getting the ladies! I can finally fulfill my fantasy of having 26 girls at one time! God Bless Russia, especially there hot easy women!

Very interesting section of modern day life in Russia. But for a true study of drunken fools, start asking about pictures taken in Ireland. THERE you will find some mighty drinkers!! St Petersburg is the best place to visit for foreigner as the corner of Europe in Russia. By us in holland we have also subways, full of drunk russians. But plenty of drunks and wackos, expecially in DC.

Slow Russian

There is no commando man in Moscow subway. Man with a gun is just paintball player. Comrade Stalin is an comedian, he earns for a life being photographed with tourists on the Red Square. If you eventialy will vizit Moscow you will see actors playing Lenin, Trotski and even last russian emperor Nicolas. Unfortunately site has only russian text, but anyway photos worth to look.

uinstroi.ru/components/map24.php I think you will not find nothing similar in whole world. I absolutely love it! Drinking after shave and sleeping in the streets. And Hungarian metros are not this bad!! Have you been there lately, Lilja, you wanker? First of all, half if not every single of those pics are stolen.

You should make a link to the source. It is just a single occasions, collected during a period of time. Some correction: 2nd and 3d photos with Commando was made in St. Petersburg subway, not in Moscow. Because some of photos not from Moscow and several of them from internet. Agree with you; whomever it is, is just trying to discredit Moscow and its people; I was there and saw nothing like this LIER!!!!!!! Vi urodi smotrite za svoim metro! Nashe metro samoe klasnoe!

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Were u there the whole day along just waiting 2 take shots of drunk ppl? And you know what, if you were just trying to prove that we drink alot thats just such a myth! I agree with that. I saw a suicider on the bridge in USA, is it mean that they all will die shortly? Weird and funny.

Thanks for posting. I love to see the weirdness of everyday life, especially from overseas. Two thumbs up man! Great pics. If you had more I would keep looking till the end. Very very interesting pictures.