Los cuentos de Pepito Salamanca y otros cuentos (Spanish Edition)

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Y el pueblo de la coronada villa del oso, armado de escopetas, de redes, de hachas, de ganchos de trapero, de piquetas, de cuchillos, de navajas de afeitar, de sierras, Segura mente no. Estaba desesperado, loco. Temo que no. After many delays Mr. Frutos, a rich peasant-farmer, makes the journey of ten or twelve leagues, and comes to Cordova to visit Mr. Lopera and see the wonders of the ancient city. Eran las once. Nada: ni por las rendijas entraba un solo rayo de luz, ni siquiera sonaba el vuelo de una mosca.

Era el criado. La misma obscuridad, el mismo silencio.


Mi buen hombre se restregaba los ojos, se palpaba el rostro, el pecho, los brazos, las manos, para convencerse de que estaba realmente despierto y en el uso cabal de todos sus sentidos y potencias. Ya me parece que llevo lo menos una semana tendido. Tengo sed, tengo hambre. Dame agua otra vez, hombre En dormir. En mil cosas Llueve mucho, y se pudren las semillas; llueve poco, se endurece la tierra, y no se sacan ni los gastos de la labor; no llueve nada, y entonces Dos veces he querido abrir la ventana, y no pude lograrlo: no entiendo ese endemoniado pestillo.

Era de noche.

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Si su merced quiere Anda, hombre, anda. Coria es alegre y amiga de toros. Esta voz cantaba:. Nosotros no nos sentimos con fuerza y valor para ello. Melgarejo se propuso conquistar el fuerte castillo, que rodeaba un ancho foso The scene is in the home of a poor peasant, at Valdeflores, a small village in the mountains of southern Spain. El gallo, apuesto y grave, custodiaba su familia con ojo vigilante—como prudente,—y con erguida cabeza, como guapo. Ella era caprichosa, caprichosa y extravagante, como todas las mujeres del mundo.

Ayer estuve en el templo. Callas, callas y doblas la frente Nunca pudo saberse. La catedral estaba sola, completamente sola, y sumergida en un silencio profundo. Madrid, He is the most prominent Spanish dramatist of today. The dramas of Echegaray, though sometimes commonplace and often gloomy, treat modern social problems with great skill. Note that the subject often follows the verb.

Note that the reflexive is to be translated here, as often, by the passive voice. See note, page 1, l. Note that a word ending in z forms its plural in -ces. Do not translate le. The English word-order is ellos son los culpables 'the guilty ones'. Antonio de Trueba y Quintana , b. Trueba was a poet and writer of popular tales. He was conservative and monarchic; but he loved the common people and delighted in collecting their traditions, which he worked over and embellished to suit his taste before publishing.

His works are pervaded by a genial, kindly humor. Casilda is one of the prettiest,—perhaps the prettiest,—of the many Spanish-Moorish traditions. Trueba took the story from a Spanish poem by the Jesuit Pedro de Reynosa printed at Madrid in , and he put it into simple, graceful prose.

Los cuentos de Pepito Salamanca y otros cuentos

Saint Casilda is held in especial veneration in the province of Burgos. The student of Spanish literature must keep in mind that the Mohammedan Moors and Arabs entered Spain from Africa in and became possessed of a large part of the peninsula, and it was only after seven centuries of warfare that the Spaniards were able to reconquer the entire country with the capture of Granada, in The Moorish invasion has left a deep impress on the Spanish race,—on the character of the people, and on their languages and customs.

The Spaniards worship the Virgin Mary perhaps more than any other people do. Usually, a dependent infinitive immediately follows oir , ver , mirar , hacer , etc.

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  • Some of her stories for children are popular. Note that the noun subject usually follows the verb in subordinate clauses. The subject treated in Tony , that of a dog that is mistakenly believed to be mad, is taken up again and treated more fully and more happily in Fortuna. See note, page 21 , l.

    Other works are Fuego y cenizas verse and several volumes of short stories. It is in apposition to pescador. This idiom is very common in colloquial Spanish. He began as a realist, but his later works have become more and more idealistic. He is a careful, direct writer, elegant in diction, and he excels in psychological analysis. Both constructions occur, but the first is considered the better.

    The redundant la is here used because the object precedes the verb. The imperfect is used, as the condition still existed: lo takes the place of novios ,—omit in translation, or translate 'engaged. Often they will go in opposite directions so that they may speak in passing. In Spain and in Spanish America, as in all Latin countries, young men and young women, not closely related, may not walk out together unless they are engaged to be married, and even then they must be accompanied by an older person, usually the young woman's mother.

    Note, finally, that a personal pronoun object may follow any verb that comes first in a clause. Luis Taboada , b. Taboada is a playwright and novelist, but he has probably excelled in the humorous articles that he has written for the daily press. There is a good American edition of some of these humorous sketches, Cuentos alegres edited by Prof. The editor of Spanish Tales for Beginners has pleasure in acknowledging his indebtedness to Professor Potter.

    Note that empleado is the subject of decir. See note, page 6, l. Note how often the subject follows the verb in this story. Note un , where el would be used, before a feminine noun beginning with stressed a. It is considered better form to use una. The pres. On other occasions they may leave the confines of the colegio only when accompanied by an instructor.

    COLECCION DE LOS MEJORES CHISTES DE PEPITO / los mejores chistes animados de pepito

    See colegio in Vocab. Some such word as cosas is probably understood after las.