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What is your take? The result is that people creating the art play many roles, which reduces the time and resources to focus on the craft. Opportunities will come from new technology and innovation. Those opportunities have already started, for example, through easier access to more potential consumers. With opportunities come challenges, and concerns, including ensuring equitable compensation.

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I moved from being a producer to an entertainment lawyer so that I could work on a variety of projects. Every day involves working on at least several files, and interacting with people in various disciplines at different stages of their career, all the while trying to add value from the context of legal services.

Being a board member of SAW Video for the last few years has given me the opportunity to get involved in the independent production scene. Co-managing the Independent Music Business series www.

ALSO conference is laying down some tips on the law for Ottawa’s artists – ARTSFILE

The itinerary is available at artslawottawa. Support artists. Go to shows. Buy an ad in the program for your business.

Buy art. Attend premieres of locally made movies. Watch Ottawa-made programming online and on TV.


Follow an arts blog. Invest money, time, resources, and more money. Buy a membership for an arts organization as a friend of the organization. Peter Robb began his connection with the arts community in Ottawa in the mids when he was the administrator and public relations director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. After a long career in journalism with the Ottawa Citizen where he served in a number of different posts he returned to the arts when he became the Citizen's arts editor.

lay down the law

By Peter Robb. April 29, Byron, please tell me a bit about yourself. Tell me a bit about your practice? Who are your clients? Tell me about the conference. What is it attempting to do?

lay down the law

What concerns are you trying to address with this event? What are the biggest legal issues artists face and why? What lies ahead in terms of legal concerns? Why do you put in this kind of time? What else should people know about the conference? How do you want people in Ottawa to support the arts? The next big thing on the Internet may be law and order.

For a quarter of a century, the US government has largely treated the Internet like the Oklahoma Territory in the s, leaving network operators and Internet businesses free to do pretty much as they pleased. But attitudes are changing, due to outrage over online privacy lapses, political meddling, even sex trafficking.

lay down the law

Much of the credit — or blame, really — goes to the scandals at Facebook , the massive social media network. Already under attack for allowing Russian agents to plant political ads during the elections, Facebook is now reeling from the disclosure that a political consultant working for the Trump campaign improperly accessed data of millions of Facebook subscribers.

In the resulting firestorm, even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged his company would benefit from federal regulation.

Justin Brookman, director of privacy and technology policy at Consumers Union , publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, said the Facebook controversy is boosting support for stronger controls among politicians on the left and right. But even before the latest Facebook scandal, there had been some movement toward tougher online regulations. Their biggest success so far is the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, a recently passed bill that will punish online publishers and social networks that tolerate sex-trafficking ads. The bill was bitterly opposed by civil liberties groups, but was embraced by online titans like Google and Facebook and passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Last year, Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress put forward a bill to require Internet companies to identify the people and groups who purchase political ads on their sites, much as TV networks must already do. Representative Marsha Blackbur n, a Tennessee Republican, wants to ban Internet service providers and website operators from collecting personal information about users without their explicit permission.

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And last September, Senator Edward Markey , a Massachusetts Democrat, proposed tougher regulation of data brokers that collect and resell vast amounts of personal information. They would require Internet companies to inform users in clear, simple language what they do with customer data. Users would have the right at any time to demand the company delete their personal data.

But maybe the Europeans have done the job for us.