Human Psychology As Seen Through The Dream: Volume 67 (International Library of Psychology, Vol 128)

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Scheindlin, R. The Book of Job. People with fixed income employed in either public or private sector organisations or Self-employed, working in unorganised sector are considered as victims of rising inflation, as inflation influences the consumption, spending and investment practices of the households.

This study aims to assess the relationship between inflation and individual household spending.

The empirical findings of this study complement the economic theories and evidences that inflation also increases the cost of living, price of commodities and reduces the opportunities of getting goods jobs. Even though the government is putting in activeefforts to enhance the current fitness care systems by opening primary health centres and helping the rural poor women and children via free medical amenities, qualitative and quantitative accessibility of primary healthcare services is very less in remove village areas.

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From Rs. This will help to appear tertiary care, human resources for health and medical education and to support national health mission.


For the rural population, health care necessities are different than the urban due to various social economic reasons. Rural populationparticularly women is mainly engaged in agriculture labour movement and they are many challenges like issues in agriculture, health issues, no appropriate primary education and less awareness on various government schemes and benefits. Based on the above various issues, the present study aims to find out theawareness and perception of health issues among women in rural area in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu in India.

The findings of the study found that, the respondents have full awareness and perception about health issues and also they were aware of the various schemes and initiatives taken by the government to uplift the rural women and children to live healthy and better life in rural area. Keywords: Awareness, Perception, Health issues, government initiative and Development of rural women. Almost all the people have a tendency to have good English communication skills. English is the most common foreign language also. Therefore in every walk of life, it has become mandatory for the students to have good English communication skills.

The paper focuses on how Mass media helps the students acquire English language fast. The most common list of media that was widely used 20 years ago is broadcast, film, print media, audio recording and reproduction. While these mediums played a huge role in bringing about the transformation that we are witnessing across the world, the current game changer has been the Internet.

The paper emphasizes on how the usage of internet helps the learnersto have English language competency and how mass media acts as world-wide knowledge bank for students. Keywords: Communication skills, Mass media, English language.

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The story is spun around a fantastic concept and set in an extremely exotic locale. It is about a society gone to the primitive times and now rediscovering the wonders of technology. Humans from Earth travel to distant planets that have similar earth-like qualities, including an atmosphere, and they create humans who can survive there.

The spaceship they travel crashes on a water planet. Though the crew survives in the crash, all the forms of communication are broken. The germ cell bank also is no longer with them and they have to manage with whatever they are left with. So they create genetically changed seeds in the form of water adapted humanoids who have to fight their way in the antagonist environment under water in order that human race survives on earth even after they become extinct. Those humanoids develop a spaceship which enables them to pierce the previously impenetrable surface tension of the water and travel through the hostile space to other worlds in other puddles of water breaking the barriers between water and the air above it.

Keywords: rediscovering the past, technology, humanoids, ancestral memory, genetic semantic memory, tradition and individual talent. Although, MTEs has been recognised as a crucial area of tourism studies since , but still there is a lack of study that explore all dimensions or constructs of MTEs.

Volume 155. Epigenetics

Most of the recent studies only tested eight significant constructs and ignored the remaining constructs. Therefore, this study aim to examine the dimensions that influences the memorable ecotourism experiences in Taman Negara, Pahang Malaysia. Subsequently, to propose a MEEs model.

In order to fill the literature gap, a pilot test was conducted in April with a sample of 40 tourists to Taman Negara, Pahang, Malaysia. These preliminary results indicated that 15 out of 22 constructs hedonism, knowledge, meaningfulness, local culture, novelty-familiarity, involvement, refreshing, destination attributes, service, participation, freeing, adverse feeling, socialization, nature and education awareness were significantly influencing the MEEs in Taman Negara. The study recommends further studies to be conducted to explore all 22 proposed constructs in a variety of ecotourism sector.

MyKasih is one of the Non-governmental Organization focused to combat urban poverty issues in the country. Qualitative approach was used where in-depth interview was used as the data collection method. It is hoped that the findings of this study will contribute to existing body of knowledge within urban poverty and community development disciplines.

Descriptive statistics used as the indicator of community participation and empowerment towards sustainable tourism practice. Overall, participation and empowerment levels were at a higher level. Although there is good level of participation, the empowerment level is not very high.

International encyclopedia of the social sciences volume 17

This is most likely because of majority of the respondents were not involved in tourism and they were not empowered in tourism planning. The infrastructure development in Perak is still in infancy stage. Since Taiping is the second largest city in Perak, it is suggested that a public transport hub should be developed in Taiping so that it is easily accessed by tourists.

Therefore, tourism stakeholders should work closely to promote Taiping as a tourist destination. Economy and non-economy factors of tax non-compliance has been studied; still minimal focus has been given on how personality impact the attitude of tax compliance. This study is conducted by the researcher to observe the pattern of tax compliance from the perspective of employees in Kuala Lumpur.

The researcher has incorporated the element of personality from the Big Five Personality Traits to identify how does an individual personality effects compliance decision. The researcher conducted this study through a qualitative research mode where the researcher used the Big Five Inventory traits to identify the personality of the taxpayers. This study indicates that there were relationship between personality and compliance where a group of personality choose to perceive tax compliance as not necessary since they are not aware of their tax obligations.

As such it is critical to study the determinants of trade balance in Malaysia in order to improve trade balance and in turn, stabilize economy. This study investigates the relationship of trade balance with other macroeconomic elements such as domestic income, exchange rates, inflation rates and money supply, covering a time span of 15 years from to This paper employs Autoregressive Distributed Lag ARDL model to examine the short run and the long run relationship between trade balance and other elements.

Granger Causality also performed to investigate the relationship between the variables. The results indicate that domestic income, inflation rates and exchange rates appear to be significant that affect the trade balance while money supply turn out to be affecting the trade balance insignificantly.

Eugene Garfield - Bibliography

Future researchers can use other econometric measuring techniques such as Vector Error Correction or Ordinary Least Square method to investigate the relationship between macroeconomics with trade balance. Moreover, future research is also suggested to include other variables such as foreign income, government expenditure, and household consumption to explore more on the determinants of trade balance and produced a more refined result. It is important for Grab to identify their competitive advantage to provide quality service.

It is also imperative for Grab to improve its service quality to meet customer satisfaction which will lead to a positive perception, as well as attracting more potential customers. Abstract: Memorable tourism experiences MTEs have recently emerged to become an important study for tourism destinations to compete in this rapid growing marketplace. Positive MTEs have been hypothesized for being able to develop future behavioral intentions in the visitors such as revisiting a destination.

There is currently still lack of studies regarding the relationship between these two dimensions especially at Giant Panda Conservation Centre GPCC in Zoo Negara Malaysia which was established in year GPCC is the enclosure of the two giant pandas loaned to Malaysia by China to mark the 40th Anniversary Diplomatic Relationship between the two countries. For GPCC, loyal visitors and also new visitors are crucial as the giant pandas will be here for 10 years.

A quantitative method was used with a sample of visitors and multiple regression analysis was carried out.


The results showed that MTEs have a significant relationship with visitors loyalty. Keywords: memorable tourism experience, loyalty, zoo negara, giant panda, behavioural intentions.

Abstract: Service quality has always been the highlight in service-based sectors especially in the tourism sector where experience is their primary product. However, to be successful in this highly competitive tourism industry, bestowing visitors with great service quality and increase their positive memorable tourism experiences MTEs are essential as satisfaction alone is proven to be insufficient.

Zoo Negara is the oldest zoo in Malaysia, but it is one of the latest additions to the panda zoo around the world as it has been chosen to house a pair of giant pandas named Fu Wa Xing Xing and Feng Yi Liang Liang for 10 years. This study seeks to increase their understanding of their service quality and MTEs, and nevertheless covers the gap between the two dimensions for zoo setting. Quantitative method has been used, and a purposive sampling approach has been employed. The data gathered were analysed using multiple regression analysis. Results indicated that service qualityis an antecedent of MTEs where both technical quality and functional quality have positive relationship with MTEs.

This has bridged the gap for current literature. Hence, it is necessary for the management of Zoo Negara to enhance their service quality of GPCC so that more people will have positive MTEs that will eventually increase the possibility of a person to revisit it. Keywords: service quality, memorable tourism experience, Zoo Negara Malaysia, technical quality, functional quality. Abstract: Social entrepreneurship has become the attention of the scholars and practitioners for years in various countries as it is a tool which plays important roles in developing individuals, societies, and communities socially and economically.

However, it is essential to study the motivations of the social entrepreneurs as it is yet to be theorised. Therefore, this study is to determine what motivates the women to become social entrepreneurs.