Fire and Wine - An Armchair Guide to Steve Ashley

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Description Details Customer Reviews The first complete musical biography of one of the UK's most respected and talented singer-songwriters. Fire and Wine is the story of Steve Ashley, the artist Mojo magazine described as "the Inspector Morse of the folk world - a gentle romantic with a flair for mystery"; and whose debut album Stroll On holds a permanent place among the greatest folk-rock records ever made.

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The first result of the Collins-Graham collaboration was this raga arrangement of a tune Shirley had put to traditional American words. Alan Lomax January 31, — July 19, was an American folklorist and ethnomusicologist. He was one of the great field collectors of folk music of the 20th century, recording thousands of songs in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, the Caribbean, Italy, and Spain. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

I knew Davey from the folk clubs because he was playing at places like the Troubadour in London. Davey just came out to our house at Black Heath and played in the front room and we sang and then we gigged.

Austin John Marshall was a true Renaissance man, with innumerable talents. Though originally a designer and graphic artist, he pushed the boundaries of whatever medium he worked in. For instance, when he put together the video of Jimi Hendrix viewable in the Youtube playlist above, he applied the audio technique of feedback to the video image, with results that have never been equalled. Screenshot from the Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile video. We all got on.

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It was just not my thing. Anyway, I think having met Joe and the Incredible String Band at this concert, I think the idea probably would have been rooted by John again. I was just singing and he was having the ideas at that time. I guess he sort of sweet-talked Boyd into producing and getting an album with Polydor.

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It was all so difficult talking to record companies at the time. None of them knew who you were or what you were doing. Joe [Boyd] was involved with that as well. I think the other thing that fascinates me in life are English churches. I think this feeling was coming through all the time, I knew in England that maples were no longer around on the village greens as they had once been.

My gran and grandad told us about them and how they were replaced of course It just started to gel somehow I was starting to sing things from the Napoleonic War, like All Things Are Quite Silent, or High Germany. It just fused really. It was all things that I loved and that fascinated me sort of burning away in my brain and coming out the more we would talk about it.

I always loved [early music].

Fire & Wine (Fragment)

Uncle Fred, Purcell was his favourite composer. He also played us some Monteverdi as well when we were teenagers which I loved. It was the sound of that music that just completely spellbound me. I think my favorite music of all really is Italian Renaissance. Anyway, it was there that we first heard the flute organ, and as I said it was transforming.

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There was David Munrow working with Michael Morrow. It was a bit difficult because it was his Musica Reservata that we were going along to listen to rehearsals of. I remember him as being a very somber man and not very approachable and I was quite nervous of him.

But David Munrow who had spent some time when he was 18 or so on one of the British Council overseas things, he had gone to Peru I think. He had just fallen in love with folk whistles and flutes and woodwind instruments That virtually started his life as a woodwind specialist, so he was inclined to like folk music. He just sort of fell in with the plans when it was finally put together that we could record this suite of songs with early music instruments with David as musical director.

Austin John and Shirley were drifting apart, though he did produce her next album, Love Death and the Lady. I was choosing songs that reflected how unhappy I was and how rigid I felt about things. But Shirley out her foot down.