Et pire, si affinités... (Hors Collection) (French Edition)

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It's wholesome to cross the early morning city. I breathe. The past fortnight has been a social burden. I leave this afternoon. Rockin' it. The hungry view into the luscious sunny northern French landscape, scanning its horizons overseeing it while in rapid transit. On the train back to Maastricht I transcribe the entire paragraph on my online turf in Max's book. Last night was worth every penny the detour, briefly talking to Pierre, then off with the Thames and Hudson Paris people to dinner and after drinks with Max. Of course I hope for some professional possibilities in this city or else in France.

Another relevant meeting would be English-French translator Evelyne Chatelain. For a start I could ask her to translate lemoulindumerle. At the Artazart bookshop in Paris tonight from 7pm. An individual 2, copies French edition is Thames and Hudson's idea which fits me fine.

French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

I decided to join Max after he told me about it over fresh Limburg asparagus last Sunday night, when the two of us were the last remaining PPPandemonium participants. As you've noticed, giving the personal publishing phenomenon some proper real world attention, risks to silence its routines. If you're not with me tomorrow, that would be the worst. De moderne kunsten hebben anderhalve eeuw goed gedijd onder vergelijkbare omstandigheden: in splendid isolation. De laatste decennia vond in reactie hierop en onder druk van medialiserende culturele orden een ontmusealisering plaats.

Nu echter de uitzondering regel is geworden het uitheemse werd het alledaagse kunnen, na een tijdelijke verlossing uit het isolement, de visuele artistieke disciplines hun al danig geremde voorsprong gebruiken om een nieuwe vlucht te wagen. De inhoud voor zo'n ontsnapping stapelt zich op, de vorm lijkt op zich te laten wachten. Andere disciplines weten de mazen van het mediale net beter te vinden en lijken voor geloofwaardiger vertellingen en beelden te kunnen zorgen.

Voor mij bewijst deze aandacht niet dat daar ook werkelijk nieuwe samenstellingen van ideale en dagelijkse werkelijkheden plaatsvinden, of een aan de mogelijkheden en eisen van de beeldcultuur tot een productieve en een consumptieve interactie beantwoordende prestatie wordt geleverd. Mode en design zijn, meer dan de beeldende kunst, oorspronkelijke native mediale disciplines en profiteren tijdelijk beter van de productie- en distributievoorwaarden in de Vroege Informatietijd.

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Van een informatiserende beeldcultuur waarin we zoveel dynamiek aantreffen valt geen vaste bodem te ontdekken. Maar in een gelaagdheid van betekenisgevingen vormt elke structuur de bodem voor een nieuwe structuur. In een context van onbegrensde voor- en nabeelden ontwikkelen denkbeelden zich langs andere trajecten dan wanneer de ideologie een lineaire emancipatie voorschrijft.

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Dat 'de' kunst nu de pas zou inhouden beantwoordt misschien niet aan de overspannen verwachtingen van een rechtlijnig vooruitgangsideaal en past al helemaal niet in een ideologie van vooruitgeschoven denkbeelden zoals die door de historische avant-gardes werd geponeerd, maar kan een zorgvuldige strategie blijken. De ingehouden pas respecteert de complexe structuren waarop hij treedt.

De beeldende kunst schrijdt vooruit zonder de enorme inhoudelijke rijkdom van het eigentijdse culturele aggregaat te willen beschadigen of er uit louter effectbejag gebruik van te willen maken. Zo bemiddelt de kunst onze ervaring van de nieuwe omgevingen waarin ideale en dagelijkse werkelijkheden elkaar stap voor stap benaderen. Once you print out a couple of days of wood s lot as a paper scroll you find new proof how its content abounds yet holds together. Then a quilted pattern of the participants' and relevant opening screens gives an overview of styles of information organization that would otherwise only be achievable with some 20 monitors.

When the sites come off-screen they map completely different from how they do in their native click through view environment.

Jozef van Wissem

Next week I'll try to improve these first observations in a couple more larger print outs, combining both quilt view and longer scrolls. Paper publishing is luring behind the gallery print outs. More water stain'd to come. Publish to link, publish to be linked to: the defined non-stability of the medium's content is not reflected in most of its publications, e.

It seems such triviality but has a strong presence in the weblog. As a part of its core calculating it's just what computer does all the time, and best: tracking time, update after update, replacing previous versions of reality with new ones in deadly linearity with limited backwards possibilities.

The computer is but a clock. A clock which not only forces us to bide our time but does so for us, irreparably forcing us forwards into endlessly updated presents, limiting us to undo its, and our own, actions. When one speaks of clocks in this environment, one has to link to the clock of the long now , if only for future reference: buy two, use one, freeze one.

We can't freeze time and so doesn't the CLN. To frame not freeze is our destiny. Freeze frame is as good as it gets, before The best time story that comes to mind is about the builders of this library who planted behind it a wood which' oaks in a couple of hundred years would grow the size of the beams used in the building, to just-in-time replace them: the clock of growth and the clock of decay ticking at the same speed. Wish such balanced time consuming would count for today's design.

That's what he probably said at one Doors. I'm no conservationist. But I'd rather see time consume itself while leaving us alone. Burning its own rubber. My clock of growth and clock of decay since long have been out of pace. But the framing is getting better. Forever focused as an alternative to forever young. Oh and my sons are growing up fine, thank you. The best relationship between two people goes by the proof of permitting deep honesty.

Taboulet Georges. C'est ce qui explique la des civilisations chame, cambodgienne, laotienne, birmane, thai, malaise, javanaise.

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  • Dans cette phalange prend place un nouveau venu, M. Nouveau venu, mais non pas voyageur sans bagages. Les travaux de M. Au cours de sa campagne de fouilles dans le Transbassac, M. Affectant la forme d'un rectangle de 3 km. Entre ces diverses conjectures, il n'est pas possible de se prononcer. Les objets recueillis par M. Les Shans, les Thai, les Annamites s'avancent inlassablement vers le Sud.

    French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

    Rupture politique, mais non pas rupture morale. Us exterminent ou absorbent les Chams. French for "study". Je m'appelle your name , Et toi? A done deal. Used to describe an attractive woman with whom a relationship is likely to result, or has already resulted, in pain and sorrow feuilleton "little leaf of paper" : a periodical, or part of a periodical, consisting chiefly of non-political news and gossip, literature and art criticism, a chronicle of the latest fashions, and epigrams, charades and other literary trifles. Also used colloquially in reference to something on fire or burned.

    Guignol can be used in French to describe a ridiculous person, in the same way that clown might be used in English. I love to the full extent. From adouber, to dub the action of knighting someone Jacques Bonhomme a name given to a French peasant as tamely submissive to taxation. Also the pseudonym of the 14th century peasant leader Guillaume Caillet je m'appelle my name is Implies "I like you" too.

    In order to differentiate the two, one would say simply "je t'aime" to one's love whereas one would say "je t'aime bien" lit. I love you well to a friend. Today used for any offspring living an affluent lifestyle. In France, where the concept originated, it means an absence of religious interference in government affairs and government interference in religious affairs. But the concept is often assimilated and changed by other countries.

    For example, in Belgium, it usually means the secular-humanist movement and school of thought. The phrase is the shortcut of Laissez faire, laissez passer, a doctrine first supported by the Physiocrats in the 18th century.

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    The motto was invented by Vincent de Gournay, and it became popular among supporters of free-trade and economic liberalism. It is also used to describe a parental style in developmental psychology, where the parent s does not apply rules nor guiding.

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    Also the namesake of the winner of the Preakness. Often used as a sarcastic reply in French, in order to close the debate by feigning to agree. Also used as a title, equivalent to Mr.

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    Originally an English phrase, now also used in France nouveau new nouveau riche newly rich, used in English to refer particularly to those living a garish lifestyle with their newfound wealth. Used for stating a new way or a new trend of something.

    Originally marked a new style of French filmmaking in the late s and early s, reacting against films seen as too literary whereas the phrase "new wave" is used in French to qualify some '80's music, such as Depeche Mode.