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They usually thought this was going to be temporary but weeks turned into month, and months eventually will turn into years. Last to come out were the fillies. They were young, usually around nineteen, shy, and new to dancing. He just watched a lot of Discovery Channel on those nights when he was home alone because no one wanted to deal with his brutal honesty. Every once in a while he would aggravate me with his Neanderthal references of the opposite sex. I used the word bitch a lot myself. Too much, actually, but it was nowhere as much as Caesar did. He actually had a method to his madness.

For him, it was all about word placement. Bitch, fuck you! Fuck you, bitch! He was hardcore like that and it was self inflicted. Caesar is not the best looking guy by any stretch of the imagination and he knows it. Women do like him and confidence will take you places you never thought you could go. And he actually is a fucking genius, being tested with an IQ over She was a redbone and proud of her Creole look. Hair black as coal waved down to the sexy Christmas tree at the small of her magnificent back.

She had mammoth implants going up three cup sizes from a D to a full double D, massive speed skater thighs, and a tail like a New England lobster. She was as close to perfect as I had ever seen.

Actually, what I was doing was paying you to leave! Just keep giving Caesar the ass. You know, I listen to these young bucks talking all this shit about how they ain't spending no money on these hos. You ain't spending no money on these hos? Then you don't want no pussy! Niggas who don't have money complain about spending money on a bitch.

Niggas with money take that shit in stride and know it's a part of the game.

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That's the difference between a player and a baller. What Caesar philosophized was true, if you have the money. It's what he always wanted to be. While the rest of us had our heads in the clouds with false hopes of the NBA, Caesar fantasized about being president of the Bank of New York. The place was packed. Wall to wall gold diggers and wanna be ballers were strewn about like a bomb went off. Her and I fit in perfectly. Shorty was the belle of the ball working the room like a pro with her seductive cat like strut.

Jokers were losing their fucking minds over this sexy and demure Mountaineer. I had no problem letting other motherfuckers sweat the package. In fact, I was offended if you weren't checking for my chick because I was secure when it came to that.

I had total confidence that no other man could take any chick from me. If he could, then he could have her since as far as I was concerned she wasn't down with me from the beginning and he just did me a favor. I used to have run-ins almost on a nightly basis with weak, possessive, insecure mothafuckas.

On more than one occasion a dude stepped to me because his girl was checking for me. Ass backwards. Or better yet, let her do her thing.

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You knew the game. Your bitch chose me.

We belly rubbed to Buju Banton and I took great delight in letting her know that my soldier was ready and able to go to battle. It was always exciting to me, that moment when your dancing with a girl and your becoming aroused and the decision has to be made whether or not to lay that salami up against her stomach if your belly rubbing or on her donkey if you riding it. She assumed her spot on the commode. She giggled profusely since I needed to relieve myself as well of the four shots and four Coronas we each had consumed.

So I did what any drunk, desperate man would do and drained the snake right there in the bathroom sink. She thought it was hilarious. In fact, it turned her on. Ivchenko orders Dooley to use the Stark Heat Vest. Massacre at the Cinema Theater. Carter says goodbye to Steve Rogers. Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick. Sousa is threatened by Andrew Henry.

Kid Colt comic in Carter is attacked by Rufus Hunt.

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Frost absorbs Kenneth with the Zero Matter. Masters disrupts an SSR raid. Masters orders Thompson to go after Peggy Carter. Maggia men shoot at Carter, Jarvis and Sousa.

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